Frode Staxrud

Frode Staxrud, dentist, University lecturer, Oslo

DDS, Special field; cariology.

The lecturer has worked 37 years in his own private practice. The last 15 years also as teacher, in clinic as well as lecturer, at Institute of Clinical Odontology, University of Oslo. He also work as researcher at NIOM, Nordic Institute of Dental Materials in Oslo. His specialty is cariology with a particular interest in “Minimal Intervention Dentistry”. He recently defended his dissertation on the topic at the University of Oslo.  more

Treatment of Deep Caries Lesions

The first lecture, “Treatment of Deep Caries Lesions” will deal with how to treat deep carious lesions in clinic. Can we avoid unintentional damage to the pulp? Among other issues, we shall discuss “Stepwise excavation” and “Partial caries removal” in this lecture, both theoretically and practically.

Repair of direct resin composite restorations

The second lecture will deal with “Repair of direct resin composite restorations”. Why should we, and how can we perform restoration repair. The background for repair will be discussed.