Play It Safe in Dentistry – The Greatest Profession There Is.

Think smarter and transform your practice into a happier place.

 Dental Business Group, governed by Maria Stiernstedt and Åsa Lindgren supports Swedish private dentist in finding strategies and assist in organizing the practice to boost production and make team members more satisfied. The company has since 2017 completed hundreds of successful dental practice acquisitions and headhunted talented team members to dentists who offers the best dentistry for every patient without exceptions.


Maria Stiernstedt and Åsa Lindgren have witnessed the transformations to better organizations for hundreds of clients over the years. By focusing on increased achievements based on predictable and repeatable activities the business team offers processes that transforms the daily life in the dental office.


Maria Stiernstedt has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and a 20 years long career in the dental market, most recently as CEO for Preventum Partner AB (Accounting agency for dentists) and as CEO for the Swedish dental chain, Orasolv. Besides managing the financial operations for Dental Business Group, Maria engage as a part-time lecturer for several dental practitioners. Nowadays often together with Co-Founder Åsa Lindgren.

Åsa Lindgren is originally a dental hygienist with a big interest in business management, communication and customer relations. Åsa has a long experience as a hard working team member as well as a dental coach.


Since October 2019 the team also run a podcast, Dentbizpodden ,in Swedish, where they interview different professionals from the industry and discuss the many limitations and opportunities concerning the future for dental health.  Please find the link below: